{ Friday, July 2, 2010 }
Does your little one have a 1st birthday coming up?  A smash cake session is the perfect way to celebrate!  They are soooo much fun!  Yes, they will get messy - but isn't that what little one-year-olds are all about??  Plus, I will do the session right at your home - so you can have that much-needed bath ready. 
Right now - the smash cake sessions are the same price as the regular sessions - this will change on August 1st along with the other price changes. But...if you book a session now - you can still get it for the low price!! 

These two cuties had lots of fun!  It took a little coaxing for them to get "dirty"...but once they realized..."Mmmm, yummy...CAKE!!", they didn't mind a bit!! :-)