Playing "catch-up"!!

{ Thursday, August 19, 2010 }
Wow! August has really been a busy month, that I have kinda neglected my blog!  I have been very busy and am loving every minute of it.  I really love what I do, there is no doubt about that! :-)

Here are some pictures from some recent sessions I've had.

This young man was a total trooper - braving the hoard of mosquitoes with me!  No bug spray either!  Not because we were trying to be tough...although that does sound better... Nope...we forgot it!  He smiled through it all. :-)

Here is another group of awesome kids that I had the pleasure of photographing!  The mosquitoes weren't quite as bad.  We had fun and their almost 7 month pregnant Mom was so vibrant and full of energy.  She kept up with her little one very well!!  Running around and everything!